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We Won Gamesbeat 2014!

by Liz on September 20, 2014

Who's Got Game?

Bigfoot does!

Last week we won the Who's Got Game Innovation Showdown at Gamesbeat 2014, beating out undeniably awesome games by Hellogamers, Chobolabs and more. Dave took the stage to prove why Bigfoot Hunter is pushing games into new territory, and won the judges over with a hilarious photo bomb mid-competition.

Judges Photo

As Dave told Venturebeat, “We have a very unique game,” he said. “For an innovation showdown, that’s a good position to be in. The presentation went well, and the crowd was into it. It’s the type of game that sells itself. That’s kind of our superpower.”

Overall, we had a blast sharing Bigfoot Hunter with the crowd, meeting the other finalists and getting feedback on the game we've worked so hard to make awesome! In one of our favorite commentaries ever, Jeffrey Grubb concludes "The Tap Lab’s victory likely indicates that while services and e-sports are hot, few things are more lovable than a cartoon Bigfoot."

Venture Beat

Join the hunt for Bigfoot Hunter here to find out when we launch!

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