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The PAX East 2014 Recap!

by Liz on April 17, 2014

Phew! We did it! PAX East 2014 was a whirlwind, but we all came out the other side with a ton of energy to pour into the final stretch of development on Bigfoot Hunter.

PAX Players: Fueling Our Passion

Pax Team 1

Pax Team 2

There’s nothing quite like watching thousands of people play your game; PAX East is a unique opportunity for the whole Tap Lab team to see the expression on a player’s face when they first hold up a device and start exploring Bigfoot National Park.

After three days of demos, we’re super excited to get to work on new features, make some major changes, and add more hilarious quirks to the game.

Players loved the unique mechanic of holding your phone like a real camera, and everyone had a blast with the Bigfoot Photobomb feature! A few of our favorites:

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Heather and Yowie, showin' off their guns!

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Bigfoot and Dominic are full of secrets...

Knowledge Dropped, Lessons Learned

Dave spoke on three panels this year. At ‘I’ll Show You Mind If You Show Me Yours, Again!’ we had an amazing line up for a second year of 1stGameEver stories, including Eitan Glinert at Fire Hose Games, Zoe Quinn, creator of Depression Quest, Rami Ismail of Vlambeer, and Matt Boch at Harmonix.

They each had a very different, completely fascinating road to where they are today and shared invaluable advice for new and veteran game designers alike. Zoe summed it up well:

During the Q&A, one aspiring game designer asked for a few resources he could use to resolve the fact that he was an artist, but couldn't code. The panelists quickly began compiling a full list of useful tools -- now gathered online for your convenience!

Check Out the #1stGameEver List of Resources

Bigfoot Spotted at PAX East!

Pax 8

Pax 3

Pax 7

Ranger Rosie was on the job at PAX East 2014 hunting down the illusive Bigfoot – although he was pretty hard to miss on the expo floor.

Attendees had a blast hanging out with Sasquatch; we got a lot of ‘Dad, is that you?!’ and my personal favorite, ‘anybody got some beef jerky?!’ (no one did, sadly).

More than a few Seattle natives fulfilled a life long dream of capturing Bigfoot on camera last weekend – we assured them that they’d have many more opportunities once Bigfoot Hunter goes live in the App Store!

Many fulfilled a lifelong dream they probably didn’t even know they had, when they got the chance to watch Bigfoot duke it out with Powdered Toast Man in the Entertainment Consumers Association jousting arena.

Once Bigfoot took the podium, PAX attendees from all walks of life couldn’t wait to take him on in the arena! Poor Bigfoot was pretty exhausted – but victorious!

Watch the PAX Recap for all the hilarity!

Bigfoot Hunter is coming soon to iOS. Join the hunt to find out when it’s released, or explore Ranger Rosie's field notes for details!

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