The Tap Lab
Based in Cambridge, MA

Founding date:
January 2010


Press / Business Contact:


Bigfoot Hunter
Tiny Tycoons

222 3rd Street
Suite 4000
Cambridge, MA 02141



The Tap Lab is a social mobile gaming company based in Cambridge, MA! We make ambitious mobile games that explore new ways for players to interact with the world around them. Our small, passionate team of developers, artists and designers is creating new play experiences for a whole new generation of gamers. Tiny Tycoons, the first real-world empire building game for iOS, is now available for free in the App Store!



Co-founders, Dave Bisceglia and Ralph Shao, started to experiment with mobile games driven by a player’s location in 2009 – those first few projects were sort of a test kitchen for what became our first game, Tiny Tycoons. After founding the company, they won MassChallenge in 2011 and graduated from Techstars that same year. Our Art Director, Joe Williams, made the move to Boston in 2012 and The Tap Lab quickly grew to 10 people (and one Bigfoot). We now work alongside other awesome independent game developers in Intrepid Labs, a coworking space in Cambridge, MA!



Tiny Tycoons YouTube

Making Of: Tiny Tycoons YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "TechStars" - 2011 Boston Class
  • "MassChallenge" - 2011 Winner

Selected Articles

  • "One of the most innovative games I've seen meshing the real world and gaming."
    - Will Wright, creator of SimCity and The Sims, Stupid Fun Club
  • "Tiny Tycoons merges the real world with Monopoly in a location-based tycoon game."
    - Tracey Lien, Polygon
  • "The game slowly turns into a cute, cutthroat experience. I found myself actually trying to think of the local businesses that I wanted to support, as though my little avatar would actually walk into a place and start working."
    - Beau Hindman, Massively by Joystiq

iBeacon Demo
We're exploring new use cases for iBeacon in mobile games! Check out our December 2013 iBeacon demo. youtube.com.

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